I rest my case.

I recently stopped feeling guilty about a bunch of stuff, “stuff” being both figurative and literal.

I bought a nice sturdy case for my iP7+ when I got it. I even paid premium for buying it in the AT&T store itself (not the best way to save). The other day, I took it off temporarily since it was the only thing in my room against my serene-feeling color scheme. (Call me silly, but there is a certain color scheme that relaxes me.)

Days later, I noticed I wasn’t using it yet. I thought about it, debating in my mind whether to use a case for just-in-case situations, or to let it be free and appreciate Apple’s design aesthetics like people expect me to as soon as I tell them I’m a minimalist.

No, I will leave the case off, but not for someone’s expectations of me, but since it’ll force me to be gentle with my things. To be mindful of where I put it, which pocket, and whether I feel the sensation and satisfaction of the right amount of weight as it falls in a few inches to land in the fold. To be mindful of the surface I let the back of my phone (or front, if I’m trying to show the other person I am engaged in their wonderful companionship) lay on, and to not rush as I pick it back up, lest it scratches.

In situations where dropping my phone is a possibility, instead I plan to pause and reflect on whether I really do absolutely need a screen in that moment. If it’s just to take a selfie over a bridge, or mindlessly twirling it through my fingers as I’m walking on a concrete sidewalk, then perhaps this pause will do me, and my phone, good. Most of the time, I pull it out out of habit, and from a lack of presence in the now.

I can live without tracking my stats when running, I set my phone down by my water bottle when I dance, I don’t plan on swimming with my phone (though advertised as waterproof), and ideally I’m not taking my phone to bed or the bathroom anyway.

A few minutes may have passed since you started reading this. I still haven’t put it back on. I might not for a while.

Will I use a case later? I don’t know. Maybe. Right now, I’m not in a field or class where I might drop it while doing my job (construction, for example). So maybe. Or maybe not. We’ll see.

I rest my case.